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IT Strategy on Ulitzer Vietnam is in the process of upgrading the entire country’s IT system. With support from organizations such as the World Bank, Vietnam is rebuilding not only physical infrastructure, but also starting from the ground up building new IT systems – including a large scale virtualization strategy. Hawaii may not be so progressive. The first line of an Associated Press story on Hawaii’s lack of a functional IT strategy goes like this: “In many ways Hawaii’s government runs its computers like the Internet age hardly happened.” (AP) The story goes on to expose Hawaii’s lack of IT policy, the fact they are using old systems, a mixture of Apple and PCs for individual users, have a 1960s version of disaster recovery (offsite physical diskette storage), and other parallels with industry that add more discouraging evidence to Hawaii’s IT shortfalls. Sens... (more)

Congress should ratify the Paulson plan as-is

It seems today is the day when everyone is putting their stake in the ground, so I thought since I have a blog, and a stake, I should put my two cents in too. First, when people ask why should we the people bail out Wall Street when they caused the problem in the first place? Well, they did, but so did the rest of us. If you took out a second mortgage to pay living expenses or to buy luxury, you were living high on the real estate bubble, you caused the problem too, and we're bailing you out. Might as well start placing responsibility where it really belongs, and take some yourself. Second, I know these Republicans are dicks, and they lied about the pretense for war, and just yesterday they admitted to discussing torture in The White House (which is worse than what Bill Clinton did in the White House). There's no reason to trust them, but I've weighed all the evidence... (more)

Use Marriott Rewards(R) Points to Pay for Virtually Anything at the Hotel

BETHESDA, Md., March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether it's a spa treatment, room service or cocktails in the bar, Marriott Rewards® members can now decide to use points to pay for anything that appears on their folio at the spur of the moment. At any point during their stay, members can tell the front desk associate that they would like to use points to cover all of the balance or a portion on their bill. Instant Redemption is available at hotels in the U.S. and Canada*. (Photo: ) (Logo: ) "We often hear from members that they want flexibility to use their points when and where they want. Now members can decide in the moment that they would like to use points to pay for even small expenses like a meal in the restaurant or a manicure in the spa," said Ed Frenc... (more)

Researchers and marketers dont agree on future of nand flash SSD

Researchers and marketers dont agree on future of nand flash SSD By Greg Schulz Marketers particular those involved with anything resembling Solid State Devices (SSD) will tell you SSD is the future as will some researchers along with their fans and pundits. Some will tell you that the future only has room for SSD with the current flavor de jour being nand flash (both Single Level Cell aka SLC and Multi Level Cell aka MLC) with any other form of storage medium (e.g. Hard Disk Drives or HDD and tape) being dead and to avoid wasting your money on them. Of course others and their fans or supporters who do not have an SSD play or product will tell forget about them, they are not ready yet. Then there are those who take no sides per say, simply providing comments and perspectives along with things to be considered that also get used to spin stories for or against by oth... (more)

Toys"R"Us® Stores Nationwide To Stay Open For 88 Continuous Hours Beginning 6am December 21 Through 10pm Christmas Eve

WAYNE, N.J., Dec. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With Christmas right around the corner, Toys"R"Us® today announced that its Toys"R"Us stores nationwide will keep their doors open for 88 consecutive hours of shopping beginning at 6am on Friday, December 21 through 10pm on Christmas Eve*, providing last-minute gift-givers with "all the toys, all the time," including the hottest toys of the season, as well as those that can only be found at Toys"R"Us. Savvy shoppers will also get incredible values each day leading up to Christmas, as well as the company's Price Match Guarantee, helping them check off everything on their little one's wish list and stretch their holiday budgets. In addition, with shipments of the season's must-have toys arriving in stores every day through Christmas Eve, customers will find all of their favorites, including Nickelodeon® Teenage Mutant Ninja Tu... (more)

U.S. Census Bureau News -- Profile America Facts for Features: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2013

WASHINGTON, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In 1978, a joint congressional resolution established Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. The first 10 days of May were chosen to coincide with two important milestones in Asian/Pacific American history: the arrival in the United States of the first Japanese immigrants (May 7, 1843) and contributions of Chinese workers to the building of the transcontinental railroad, completed May 10, 1869. In 1992, Congress expanded the observance to a monthlong celebration. Per a 1997 Office of Management and Budget directive, the Asian or Pacific Islander racial category was separated into two categories: one being Asian and the other Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. Thus, this Facts for Features contains a section for each. (Logo: Asians 18.2 million The es... (more)

DIY vs DIFY Networking

There is probably never going to be a perfect balance in the industry between Do-it-yourself (DIY) and Do-it-for-you (DIFY) networking. It seems exceedingly unlikely that there is a one-size-fits-all type of solution out there. And so we will invariably end up with a bifurcated market that requires multiple solutions for its constituents. But if there is not a perfect balance, which one of these is likely to see the most action? If you were to base your guess on industry chatter, you would have to conclude that DIY has the upper hand. There is a ton of momentum right now with both SDN and bare metal switching. On the SDN front, it is all about orchestration and automation. The ability to streamline customized workflows is attractive, especially for the large IT shops that sink tens of millions of dollars into managing their monstrosities. Once you get into anything... (more)

Will the Cloud Soak Your Fireworks?

This week in the States, the Nation celebrates it’s Independence and many people will be attending or setting off their own fireworks show. In Hawaii, fireworks are shot off more during New Year’s Eve than on July 4th and there is even Daytime Fireworks now. Cloud computing is exploding like fireworks with all the Oooooooo’s and Ahhhhhhh’s of what it offers but the same groan, like the traffic jam home, might be coming to an office near you. Recently, Ponemon Institute and cloud firm Netskope released a study Data Breach: The Cloud Multiplier Effect, indicating that 613 IT and security professionals felt that deploying resources in the cloud triples the probability of a major breach. Specifically, a data breach with 100,000+ customer records compromised, the cost would be just over $20 million, based on Ponemon Institute’s May 2014 ‘Cost of a Data Breach’. With a br... (more)

Ginza Diamond Shiraishi PRESENTS "Machi-kon Tokyo Dome in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo"

- Guests include Yumi Katsura, Doburokku, Zawachin, and erica Tokyo, Jan 9, 2015 - (JCN Newswire) - The "Kon-katsu" and "Machi-kon" Promotion Committees will hold the largest ever "machi-kon" with 10,000 single males and females from all over Japan in Tokyo Dome on Thursday, January 15th, 2015. This "machi-kon", entitled "Ginza Diamond Shiraishi PRESENTS Machi-kon Tokyo Dome in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo" is sponsored by Cima Corporation and will be held during the annual "Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2015". On that day, Ms. Yumi Katsura will open the ceremony followed by Doburokku's special performance, Zawachin, the PR Ambassador's impersonating make-up, and erica, popular with females junior and high school students, in a live performance of "Kokuuta" songs, and much, much more. Ms. Aika Kanda, a former NHK announcer, will MC the event. "Machi-kon Tokyo Dome" is unprecedented ... (more)

American Well Launches Online Care Team Edition, Enabling On-Demand Provider-to-Provider Consultations and Online Medical Homes

WASHINGTON, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at the World Health Care Congress, American Well(TM) unveiled a new product, Online Care Team Edition. Team Edition brings live, on-demand specialist care consults into primary care physicians' exam rooms, reducing the delay, inconvenience and cost associated with the traditional patient referral process. In addition, it introduces the Online Medical Home capability that enables multi-disciplinary clinical collaboration around a given patient. The Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), the Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan of Hawaii, will become the first health plan to deploy Team Edition as part of its investment in the Hawaii County project. "In a time that calls for change and innovation in healthcare services, we are harnessing technology to transform the delivery and availability of specialty care," said Ido Sc... (more)

A Powerful Partnership Between Pact-One and DoctorCom Delivers Cloud-Based Medical and Dental IT

PALO ALTO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/06/12 -- DoctorCom, Inc. is pleased to announce that Pact-One, a leader in providing dental IT and medical IT support throughout 11 states, has signed an agreement to market DoctorCom's cloud-based file-sharing and medical office answering service solutions for practice management to its clients. DoctorCom CEO and Founder Dr. Michael Eiffert related, "Pact-One immediately recognized the exceptional value our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant dental X-ray file sharing solution offers their dental practice clients. Additionally, our Answering Service provides a mobile app that allows dentists to reach patients while maintaining the privacy of their mobile numbers. This app allows dentists to maintain a complete virtual office with answering service and secure email while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations. DoctorCom is excited... (more)